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We are happy to feature the following organizations/ventures/companies in our live business directory. Unlike most business directories out there, we have made the effort to personally interact with and verify each of the following entities, and hence we know that there are reliable and capable people behind them, and we are happy to reference them. Energy Solar Energy Review (Industry…

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The Internet is a hyper competitive space, and it takes a lot to stay on top of new developments. But we can confidently say that we are at the forefront in applying Internet new media for business benefits. We are helping both businesses and individual professionals to benefit from Internet new media and technologies. One company increased sales by 50%…

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For submitting the content to get your company/business listed on, please use the following template and guidelines for maximum benefit. ——————————————————- 1. ABOUT ——————————————————- Introduce your company briefly – your background, location, key objectives and strengths, etc. (50-100 words) ——————————————————- 2. PRODUCTS & SERVICES ——————————————————- What exactly do you offer as products and services, and what are the benefits?…

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