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Business Leads Generation Service

Using our large website network of 50+ websites in different industries we can generate high quality business leads for almost any industry. We generate business leads by placing ads on our website network, and email marketing to 2 million+ people who have opted into to various newsletters in our website network. These business leads are high quality because they are…

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Investment Opportunities in UK for 2011-2012

Hello Folks, since Jan 2011, we have been researching a few good Investment Opportunities in UK that can be used by investors and entrepreurs in our network – anyone based in the UK or abroad – location does not matter in such investments. Our focus has been to look at businesses that are net exporters to the world, and have…

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Iron Ore Prices Set To Double in 2010-2011

According to media reports, major iron ore exporters, including BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, have reached a preliminary agreement to move away from annual contract pricing to quarterly arrangements. The short term iron ire pricing contracts would be linked to the iron ore spot price, which would see iron ore prices more than double from the present $US 60 per…

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