Business Leads Generation Service

Using our large website network of 50+ websites in different industries we can generate high quality business leads for almost any industry. We generate business leads by placing ads on our website network, and email marketing to 2 million+ people who have opted into to various newsletters in our website network.

These business leads are high quality because they are searching for solutions to their problems/requirements. We will create a custom business page for each marketing campaign, which is used to share initial information and collect the contact info/inquiry from the interest person/lead.

We have lead generation experience in the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Software Services
  • Business Opportunities
  • Self Development/Coaching

The pricing for this Business Leads Generation Service depends on the industry and duration of project.

The service cost has two parts:

(a) One time Set-up fee of the business page to capture leads (Fee ranges from $250 to $500, depending on the amount of work required to create a good quality business page, which will include a video introduction/presentation by one of our team members. We must not compromise on quality here)

(b) Pre-defined fee per lead. Leads may come by email, phone, inquiry form. We will agree on a fixed fee per lead, which varies significantly by the industry. (Fee may range from $25-$2500 per lead, depending on the niche/industry)

In some cases, we will develop a new custom website or blog having 100+ pages/posts, with optimized keywords, to maximize online marketing benefits.Such a custom website will cost about $5000. Ideal candidates for such custom lead generation website service are: Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services, Legal Services, Technology Consulting, IT/Software Services, Chartered Planes, Cruise Operators, Tourism Companies, Career Consultants.

Please Note: Hotels is one of the most competitive niche, and lead generation for Hotels needs an entirely different approach, and the above steps are not valid for Hotels.

Please contact us to for any questions and to get started.

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